Metal Power launched Proficiency Testing (PT) services in 2013. Proficiency Testing – which helps participating laboratories assess and benchmark the performance levels of their equipment, staff and processes across peer laboratories – are a key requirement for any Laboratory that aspires to achieve excellence. Metal Power’s PT services (Fully accredited under ISO/IEC 17043) span across Chemical, Metallurgical as well as Mechanical Testing and are trusted by thousands of customers to improve their performance and also to meet their own accreditation requirements.

Proficiency Testing programes benchmark the performance levels of your equipment, staff and processes across peer laboratories with Metal Power Laboratories.

The purpose of Proficiency Testing (PT) is to evaluate the lab’s performance with respect to their testing expertise and quality.

This is achieved by the testing of unknown samples sent to a laboratory by an ISO 17043 accredited PT Program Administrator. In a Proficiency Test one or more similar (near-identical) artifacts are sent to each of a number of participating laboratories.

Sets of PT samples are sent to participating laboratories on a scheduled basis (3 to 4 times per year). Each Laboratory measures the artifacts (e.g., a block or chips of some metal or Alloy) according to a given set of instructions. Each Lab then reports its results to the Test’s Administrator who evaluates their performance.

Every Laboratory wishing for accreditation and for excellence in testing proficiency, must undertake Proficiency Testing atleast once a year covering each item it desires to cover / retain under the scope of accreditation.

Given the benefits of Proficiency Testing and the dramatic impact a good PT can have on improving a Laboratory’s performance, the advantages from an annual PT by far outweigh the very small associated costs. Practice, as they say, makes perfect. More such regular tests would improve the working of each member of your lab team.

Labs can also undergo Inter-laboratory comparison, which is done by the organization, performance and evaluation of tests on the same or similar test items, carried out by two or more laboratories in accordance with predetermined conditions. This enables each lab to evaluate its own performance on a comparative basis with respect to peer Laboratories.

The Metal Power Advantage

Metal Power offers a host of completely unique advantages as a PT Provider. Some of these are:

  • Metal Power is an ISO/IEC 17043 accredited Proficiency Testing (PT) Provider.
  • Metal Power operates its own ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories.
  • Metal Power has a vast array of Standards which are regularly used to lend credence and trust to the analyses done by Metal Power.
  • The samples we provide you for testing are therefore as good as Certified Reference Material. Indeed, some of them actually are! This should give you tremendous confidence in the results we declare.
  • The people who run our laboratories and conduct these tests are highly trained metallurgists, chemists and statisticians with great experience in these fields. They are also extremely passionate about all that we do.
  • These services are being rendered by us since almost a decade.
  • Metal Power gives you a certificate for the Proficiency Testing which you can be proud of and trust.
  • Metal Power runs all its laboratories as Trusted Umpire Laboratories.

Metal Power runs the following Laboratories

NABL Accredited Labs
  • Classical Wet Chemical Laboratory – operated by well-trained chemists.
  • An Instrumental Chemical Laboratory – including multiple Atomic (Optical) Emission Spectrometers (including accurate analysis of Nitrogen and Oxygen down to 1 ppm), ICP-OES, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Copper Analysis by Electrolysis & Automatic C-S Analyzer.
Soon to be NABL accredited Labs
  • Lab for Hardness Testing – Vickers, Brinell & Rockwell.
  • Lab for Mechanical Testing of metals: Ultimate Tensile Strength Testing and Izod/Charpy Impact Testing.
  • A Metallography Laboratory for Microstructure Analysis including a good Image Analyzer with Microscope is part of this.

We have already set-up production facilities for high quality powder manufacturing of such items as Iron Ore, Ferro-Si, Ferro-Cr etc., for making Powder CRMs & PT items.

Metal Power regularly offers Proficiency Testing Programs in the following areas :

Ferrous Metals Testing
  • Mild, Carbon & Low Alloy Steels including:
  • Low Carbon CHQ Steels – incl. Boron Steels
  • High Carbon Steels including Bearing Steels
  • Semi-Free Cutting & Free Cutting Steels
  • Carbon, Silico-Mn & Alloy Spring Steels
  • Deep Drawing & Extra Deep Drawing Steels

Low Alloys Steels

  • Case Carburizing Steels
  • Plain Medium Carbon Steels
  • Medium Carbon Low Alloy Steels

Stainless Steels

  • Cr-Mn Stainless Steels – 200 Series
  • Cr-Ni Stainless Steels – 300 Series
  • High Cr Stainless Steels – 400 Series
  • Duplex Stainless Steels (with Nitrogen)

High Manganese (Hadfield) Steels

  • Tool Steels

Non-Ferrous Metals Testing

Copper Base Alloys

  • High Purity Copper Testing
  • ETP Copper
  • OFC Copper
  • OFE Copper
  • Testing of various Copper Alloys
  • Brasses
  • Bronzes
  • Other Copper Alloys

Aluminium Base Alloys

  • Pure Aluminium
  • Low Alloys of Aluminium
  • Other Al Alloys – Al-Si, Al-Si-Cu, Al-Zn etc.

Apart from the above, some of the other Alloy Types that we can offer are:

  • Pure Zn and Alloys
  • Pure Ni and Alloys
  • Iron Ore Testing

New initiatives

We have several new initiatives which are forthcoming, some of which include introduction of Dual and Triple PTPs; participating in more than one kind of Testing, e.g., in Chemical & UTS testing etc. and metallography where good sample preparation is also involved.

We shall shortly be launching programs for training of operators in the best practices of using Optical Emission Spectrometers for testing of:

  • Solid Samples
  • Wire & Wire Rod Testing
  • Testing of thin Sheets
  • Powder Samples
  • Ultra-Fine Wire Testing
  • Testing of Foils
  • Pure Metals Testing
  • Testing of Nitrogen & Oxygen in Metals, etc.

Multiple PT programes

We are the only Company in this field that allows you to do take up multiple PT programs and actually make it not only doable but also more economical. For instance, you could opt for a PTP in Low Carbon Alloy Steels & also in Medium Carbon Alloy Steels. You could opt for Stainless Steel & Case Carburizing Steel, and so on. Needless to mention, the more programs you participate in every year; the more economical Proficiency Testing becomes.

We also offer programs where all chemists of you lab can be tested. This is specially relevant where in activities where the personal skill of the operator plays a role, as in:

  • Wet Chemical Testing
  • Metallography where good sample preparation is involved
  • Metal Power would be starting training programs for the next year

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