Metal Power launched its line of Reference Materials, starting with solid metal reference materials in 2010. In the period since, we have not only expanded our range of CRMs, RMs and SUS across a large number of metals and alloys, but also branched into different kinds of materials – from solid blocks and chips to powders of ores as well as ferro alloys. All our CRMs assure complete traceability and are manufactured using the most stringent processes to ensure the very best levels of homogeneity. Today, Metal Power’s certified products are used by a wide range of customer across sectors and across the world.

CRMs are the only truly reliable way to assess an instrument’s performance, both on accuracy as well as precision.

Certified Reference Materials (CRM), also called Standards, are blocks of metal which come with certificates indicating the concentration their various constituent elements along with their uncertainty levels.

CRMs are not just a nice-to-have, though. Indeed, for spectrometer (OES, XRF etc.) users, Certified Reference Materials (CRM) are a must-have, delivering untold value in multiple situations. Being certified, and therefore traceable, CRMs are the only truly reliable way to assess an instrument’s performance, both on accuracy as well as precision.

The usage of CRMs with spectrometers therefore helps users assess the quality of their spectrometers’ analyses and also helps in resolving any disputes that may arise in the matter of material certificates. Indeed, spectrometers users should have CRM samples that cover the whole range of grades they manufacture and test – to ensure that they have quality assurance across the range!

Knowing the importance and criticality of Certified Reference Materials for spectrometers in the metals industry, Metal Power, through our Laboratory Division, started the manufacture of these critical materials. To ensure the greatest value addition to customers, we have developed our range focusing on grade-wise standards that add the most value to customers without involving the overly-high costs that have often inhibited users from purchasing Certified Reference Material (CRM) samples and instead had them relying solely or largely on in-house standards / check-standards. Our CRM Division follows ILAP (Inter-Laboratory Accreditation Programme) and has systems in place as per ISO/IEC 17025 for testing.

Asia’s first accredited producer of
Certified Reference Materials
for solid metals.

We also comply with ISO 17034 in the manufacturing of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs). Each CRM is accompanied by a Certificate giving Certified Elemental Values, Standard Deviations and Uncertainty, along with ILAP Values.

Offerings of our Certified Reference Material Division (CRMD) include:

  • Metal Block samples Certified Reference Material samples (CRM) in cuboid/cylindrical form
  • Setting-up Sample / Setting-up Standard (SUS) samples (CRM) in cuboid / cylindrical form
  • Metal Certified Reference Material samples (CRM) in chip form
  • Powdered metal Certified Reference Materials (CRM) samples

We offer both Certified Reference Material (CRM) and Setting-up Samples (SUS) across a wide range of metals including

  • Ferrous material CRM and SUS for all manner of steels (low alloys, carbon steels, stainless steels etc.), Cast Iron / SG Iron
  • Non-ferrous material CRM and SUS for pure metals as well as alloys of Aluminium, Nickel, Cobalt, Zinc, Titanium Lead etc.
AI Standards
CI/SGI Standards
Cu & Brass Standards
Steel Standards

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