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field of CCD- based &

Metal Power’s Laboratory Division was founded in 2010. In the period since, Metal Power has quickly forged its reputation as one of the very best laboratories across multiple areas – all while rapidly-expanding breadth as well as depth of the services offered. While initially focused on Chemical Testing activities around solid metals and their alloys, we have rapidly expanded our scope and today cater to myriad requirements across fields, spanning across both Chemical, Mechanical as well as Metallurgical Testing of a wide range of sample types. Located in the heart of Mumbai, our laboratories are equipped with the very best equipment and staffed with the very best talent in each area. All activities are accredited for the relevant ISO standards.

Metal Power offers
laboratory services
in three key areas

What makes us the
very best?

  • • State-of-the-art equipment
  • • Highly skilled personnel
  • • Fully accredited laboratories
  • • Follow all relevant ISO/IEC standards
  • • Located in the heart of Mumbai
  • • Products and Services offered globally


Metal Power prides itself on delivering cost-effective, full-service, and accredited testing solutions to meet the most demanding and challenging testing requirements across all areas that we work in.

No matter what market segment or geography you operate in, can be sure that our deep reservoirs of skills, knowledge, and technical expertise across an unrivalled scope of technical disciplines will bring the certainty that enables informed decisions and compliance with quality and safety requirements for your business or project.

We recognize that all the services and products we provide may not be unique to Metal Power, but we are confident that our focus on ensuring the highest levels of quality and confidence in all our analyses as well as Proficiency Testing programs, and the manner in which we provide and deliver our services sets us apart.

As the preferred providers of testing solutions, Proficiency Testing programs, and Certified Reference Materials to a host of leading organizations, Metal Power has a clear understanding of the value we can add to your business and we assure you of our total dedication in every aspect of product and service delivery.


To be an organization that constantly innovates and delivers the highest quality of innovative and value-added services to laboratories and also develops specialized products based on the cutting-edge infrastructure and the deep skills we possess in all manner of testing, characterization, statistics and method development.


To be the preferred partner for laboratories and organizations that aspire to improve the quality of their laboratories, products, productivity and processes by partnering with a service provider of impeccable credentials and unimpeachable quality.

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